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Organize Your Financial Life

  • 把你所有的财务信息集中到一个单一的、安全的视图中
  • Create a personal balance sheet
  • Take a more in-depth look at your holdings
  • Track your spending and view your net worth
  • 通过访问申博菲律宾app的全国认可的研究和投资见解,更好地了解您投资的公司
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Social Engineering
& Cyber Security
Social Engineering & Cyber Security

Protecting yourself
in the digital age
Protecting yourself in the digital age

Protect Your Assets From Identity Thieves


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Cyber Criminals Study Online Behavior to
Target Unsuspecting Victims

Social engineering takes many forms. Anyone who spends time online, communicates via 电子邮件,或接听电话都可能成为社会工程的目标,并成为受害者 cybercriminals.

通过更多地了解社会工程以及它如何被用来对付你来保护你自己. 知道要寻找什么,如果发生了该怎么做,可以帮助你减少有人窃取你的个人或雇主数据的机会, cash and assets from your financial accounts, and more.

利用希望或恐惧,犯罪分子将利用电子邮件广泛撒网收集个人数据 from unsuspecting targets. This is known as phishing. In contrast, spear phishing happens 当一个特定的用户的个人信息被用来直接瞄准他或她.


Appealing to
Your Hopes

Look for new messages

  • “Your digital payment
    account summary”
  • “You have a new
    friend request”
  • “An eCard for you”
  • “Accept your payment
    from Sally B.”

Appealing to
Your Fears

Look for new messages

  • “Your account has been
  • “Package undeliverable”
  • “Unpaid Invoice”
  • “A warrant for your arrest”

寻找询问个人资料的信息,比如结婚纪念日,你最喜欢的人的名字 pet, or your children’s birthdays. These inquiries may look friendly (e.g., “Let us help you celebrate!),而实际上罪犯可能已经掌握了你的一些信息 想知道更多缩小账户访问信息.


Phishing creates
vulnerable entry
points where the
criminals trick
victims into providing
personal information
or allowing access to
their computer.

Never provide sensitive information
via e-mail or to someone who calls
you directly, including:

  • Usernames and passwords
  • Social Security or tax ID numbers
  • Bank or financial account information
  • Credit card information
来自网络罪犯的网络钓鱼电子邮件故意看起来像来自你经常接触的公司或个人的电子邮件. They can take many forms, 包括你购物的在线零售商发出的未送达尝试信息, or from a delivery service such as the U.S. Postal Service. 网络犯罪分子经常使用微妙的策略使他们的电子邮件看起来是 来自值得信赖的来源,而实际上,他们不是. 示例包括在返回中使用“1”而不是小写的“l” 电子邮件地址,或在电子邮件地址或返回链接中添加单词.

犯罪分子引诱用户下载伪装成合法、无害的恶意文件 附件,如发票、收据或其他文件.

用户被引诱点击超链接,将他们带到恶意软件所在的网站 下载,或者受害者可能会被要求提供敏感信息,通过一个在线 form.

A Safe Perspective:

Do not download
a document or
attachment or click
a link in an e-mail if
you do not know and
trust the sender.
Common Themes and Tactics of Social Engineering
A bank or credit card company reporting fraud activity and asking for passwords and other personal account details
Government agencies threatening to take action if you do not pay a tax levy, fine, or other fee
Computer help desk offering to solve performance issues if you grant them access to your computer
Posing as friends or relatives asking you to help them with money and keep it secret from other family members
Common Malware Types

Intended to encrypt a user’s data and hold it for ransom

Intended to harm a computer system or give the hacker control of the computer
Key loggers

Intended to record keystrokes in an effort to capture passwords

Intended to spy on victims
1. Contact the FTC:
U.S. victims lost
$19.4 billion
in 2018

according to 2018
Symantec Internet
Security Threat Report
Immediately contact 申博菲律宾app and other financial institutions to report a problem.
你也应该联系你有账户的其他金融申慱sunbet手机版 这可能会受到您个人财务信息丢失的影响. These may 包括银行、信用卡公司或保险公司.
Change your e-mail and/or account passwords.
立即更改与潜在关联的所有帐户的密码 compromised personal financial information. Always remember to use strong 不容易猜到的密码,至少包含8个或更多字符, 包括符号,数字,大写和小写字母.
Consider closing compromised accounts.
如果你发现有人非法进入你的投资或财务账户, 你可以要求你的公司关闭这个账户,把资产转移到一个新的账户 account. 你应该向你的投资公司/银行咨询最好的处理方法 closing an account, if you choose to do so.
Monitor your investment accounts for suspicious activity.
注意您的帐户信息的任何更改,您不认识 (e.g.,更改您的地址、电话号码、电子邮件地址、帐号或 external banking information). 您还应该确认您授权了所有的 出现在您的账户对账单和交易确认书中的交易. If you 发现任何可疑活动,立即报告给你的金融申慱sunbet手机版.
Place a fraud alert on your credit file.
在你的信用档案中设置初始欺诈警报,可以向潜在的债权人发出通知 (e.g.(银行和信用卡公司),你可能是欺诈的受害者 或身份盗窃,将有助于降低风险,身份窃贼可以使用您的 个人财务信息,开立新账户. Contact any of the three credit 下面列出的申慱sunbet手机版,并要求他们在你的信用档案中添加初始欺诈警报.
Credit Bureau Contacts
888-EXPERIAN (888-397-3742)
Social Engineering
Protect Against
Social Engineering

Be aware of any form of
unsolicited contact, and don't be
coerced by fear, hope, or urgency.

Don't give personal information
or make a payment to anyone
who calls you.

Be careful of what you post
about your family information,
locations, travel plans, etc. on
social media and neighborhood
message boards.

Don't trust an unusual sense
of urgency. Tactics such as:
"Account Locked," "Package Was
Undeliverable," or "Security Alert,
Fraudulent Activity" should be a

Protect Against
Phishing E-mails

Double-check the e-mail address
来验证消息是否来自合法的发送方. Think about
whether this is an e-mail they
would typicall send you.

Check to see if the grammar and
language fit the supposed sender.

Do not click on any link unless
you are certain it is legimate.
Hyperlinks can be "spoofed".
Hover your mouse over a

Never open an attachment from
an unknown source.

Protect Against Vishing

Never give your personal
information to unsolicited
callers no matter how much
they insist.

When in doubt, call them back
at the phone number on your
account statement – not at a
number provided by the caller.

Be aware that computerized
voices leaving messages
regarding legal action against
you are never real.

Do not let callers take control
of your computer to "fix" a

Don't trust your caller ID – it
can be spoofed.